SSR Input to the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs Course on Dealing with the Past

14/07/2015 - 14/07/2015

Target country


The Dealing with the Past Course is designed to train professionals from governmental and multilateral institutions as well as from national and international non-governmental organizations, working in countries or regions which are confronted with a legacy of massive human rights abuse. 

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

  • Increased understanding of the concept and principles of SSR;
  • Shared understanding of the challenges faced by SSR processes and the role of SSR in helping countries, and elements of the security and justice sectors deal with their past role.

Outcome objectives of mandate

The purpose of the workshop is to provide practical examples on SSR processes and to provide an opportunity for participants to share experiences. 

Start date


End date



Specific Lessons Identified