Contextual learning for Donor Programming

01/01/2020 - 31/12/2022

Target country

The ISSAT knowledge and outreach team has been mandated by the Governing Board to provide a repository of comparative SSG/R solutions from various donors’ experiences in their support of SSR across a range of countries and programmes. Those products consist of a series of diverse case studies, backgrounders, analysis notes, and experiences providing contextual learning from reform processes ongoing in different geographical locations, but aiming to achieve similar change processes.

Through contextual learning products, ISSAT aims to provide experience-based learning from francophone to anglophone contexts pertaining to the SSR solutions designed to address the challenge and the emerging lessons and takeaways from the process. Contextual learning on emerging practices of security and justice sector reform pertaining to community policing, access to justice, transitional justice, reintegration and other areas of shared challenges could provide insight and learning from one context to another, enriching discussions and solution-identification for SSR.

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Specific Lessons Identified