Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for GBM Programming

01/01/2020 - 31/12/2022

Target country

ISSAT is mandated by its Governing Board Members to act as their main repository for lessons, trends, challenges and opportunities for current security, justice and governance reform programming.  Building on its ongoing efforts to continuously track lessons for SSR, ISSAT is expanding its online-available platform to include trends covering all sectors and thematic areas of interest to its Members.

The database will allow us to track trends, challenges and entry-points for programming through an evidence-based approaches centered on the review and analysis of ISSAT’s past and on-going mandates. The data will be fed into the database in a manner that allow for the Trends, Challenges and SSR Entry-Points to be disaggregated based on the mandate’s sector, the target country’s state of fragility and conflict cycle phase, or key watching themes. 

Start date


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Specific Lessons Identified