Training workshop on the African Union Operational Guidance Note on Gender and Security Sector Reform

26/06/2019 - 03/08/2019

Target Country / Organisation


The overall objective of the workshop is:

(i) to create a platform of discussion among participants on the status (gaps and challenges) on gender mainstreaming in Defence and Security institutions at national levels of AU Member States and in Peace Support Operations (PSO), and 

(ii) to sensitize and train participants on the utilization of AU Gender OGN to address identified issues.

Mandate outputs / products

- Presentation on Gender and SSR

- Facilitation of training sessions/workshop panels/ work groups

- Inputs in the form of key points from sessions to feed into the AU Workshop Conclusions Document

- Notes and recommendations from the workshop on areas necessitating improvement/update of the OGN on Gender and SSR. To be channelled to the AU SSR focal point post-workshop.

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

  1. The participants are trained and sensitized on the AU Gender and SSR OGN and the OGN is updated;
  2. Member States and RECs are engaged to use the AU OGN on Gender to enhance gender mainstreaming in national security institutions and in PSOs;
  3. The actions to be taken to address the identified gaps/challenges related to the use of the OGN to address issues regarding gender equality and leadership in national security institutions and PSOs are discussed and agreed upon. 

Start date


End date



Specific Lessons Identified