Design of Police Cooperation Programme in Albania (second phase)

Target country


The current police cooperation with Albania was completed in March 2015. The Government of Albania (GoA), through the Minister of Interior (MoI), has requested further support. ISSAT has designed the existing cooperation programme and conducted its review in 2013. Both exercises have been conducted in an effective and professional way, therefore Sweden requested ISSAT's expertise in the design for a 2nd phase of cooperation between Sweden and Albania in the police area.The 2nd phase is supposed to consolidate the current phase achievements in the Community Policing area and, if necessary and in response to the  GoA priorities, to expand into other police cooperation areas. The current leadership of the MoI has embarked into an ambitious program to increase safety levels and public order in the country and to reform the police service towards higher levels of effectiveness and professionalism. A new cooperation program phase is thus desired to bring Swedish assistance in line with the new reform needs and the ambitions of the GoA in the field of justice and security. ISSAT was mandated with the design of this 2nd phase.

The programme “Strengthening Community Policing in Albania", phase II, 2017-2020 (SCPA) started on 4th of January 2017 and will run for 4 years until December 2020. 

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

Initial collection and analysis of relevant documentation (report, reviews, laws, strategies, media aricles, etc): meetings and interviews with key stakeholders in the country (GoA, ASP, civil society, media reps, international donors/programmes, direct beneficiaries of the current programme, implementers of the current programme activities etc). Regional workshops with a variety of actors in selected representative locations in Albania; analysis of collected data, development and testing of options for the new programme; checking with GoA and the Swedish Embassy in Tirana and incorporation of comments received, presentation of a draft programme proposal and finalisation upon receiving feedback from the main stakeholders.

The programme “Strengthening Community Policing in Albania", phase II, 2017-2020 (SCPA) started on 4th of January 2017 and will run for 4 years until December 2020. 

Outcome objectives of mandate

The mandate outputs will contribute to draft a programme proposal on further Swedish assistance to the Albanian State Police (ASP) that is based on the specific results of the ongoing cooperation phase but that includes and reflects the needs of the GoA and its reform priorities in the police and security sector.

The new programme proposal should focus in the areas that require further consolidation from the previous/current phase and strengthen the likelihood of sustainability of its main results. 


Specific Lessons Identified