Support to EU to Conduct Human Resource Assessment of The Gambian Security Sector

30/07/2018 - 28/06/2019

Target Country / Organisation


ISSAT is requested to conduct a Human Resource assessment of The Gambian Security Sector to help the Government make a more informed decision on right sizing the sector. The assessment is part of a wider DCAF programme supporting SSR in The Gambia which is funded by the EU's Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace (EU ICSP). 

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

The mandate will produce a comprehensive Human Resource assessment. It will analyze management systems, internal oversight systems and core human resource management systems. 

The mandate will also conduct a performance audit of the security sector. This will document who is doing what, force strength, and how staff spend their time. Part of this process will be a staff satisfaction survey. 

A national workshop will be organized to discuss findings and develop recommendations on priority reform areas. The workshop will also draw on the findings of the World Bank public expenditure review as well as processes to define the National Security Policy supported by UNDP, ECOWAS, US Government, and DCAF.  

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

The assessment should help the Government apply an evidence based approach to right sizing of the sector. It will also help the Government improve operational management systems, increase internal accountability, as well as improve efficiency by identifying existing gaps and opportunities for reform moving forward.  

The assessment will answer the following key questions:

  • Management: To what extent does the institution have systems, structures and procedures to efficiently and effectively manage its staff?
  • Oversight: To what extent is the institution able to oversee and effectively hold to account its staff for performance and conduct?
  • HR Systems: To what extent does the institution have effective, transparent and merit based human resources management systems?
  • Capability: To what extent does the institution have the right capacity and does it use the capacity efficiently?
  • Census: What is the individual and unit capacity? How is the capacity practically used at operational level? To what extent are staff satisfied with their job?

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Specific Lessons Identified