Germany E2I/ SSR mini-training

22/10/2018 - 19/10/2018

Target Country / Organisation


The E2I (Ertüchtigungsinitiative) with an annual budget of € 130 Mio. is among the most important instruments of German stabilization policy. Currently in the planning stage of the project cycle for next year, the Federal Foreign Office has requested ISSAT bring together key decision makers from the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defense in a half-day joint mini-training on E2I in the framework of broader SSR.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

  • Development of a half-day mini-training in German, including two components:
  1. E2I in the framework of broader SSR
  2. Inclusion of international SSR standards for E2I project planning
  • Delivery of workshop in Berlin on November 5th 2018
  • Post-workshop evaluation.

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

  • Cross-government coordination is enhanced by bringing together representatives from the MFA and MoD in a joint mini-training.
  • Key decision makers from the MFA and MoD are sensitized on SSR.
  • Key decision makers are aware of the opportunities of integrating mitigating measures to strengthen security sector governance and oversight into E2I project planning.
  • The sustainability of E2I projects is enhanced as projects include instruments to strengthen governance and oversight.
  • Germany is enabled to contribute to the community of practice with examples of how to apply a cross-government approach to project planning and how to integrate security sector governance and oversight measures into E2I programming. 

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Specific Lessons Identified