Course on Security and Justice Governance and Reform

23/03/2020 - 27/03/2020

Target Country / Organisation


The Irish Ministry of Defence will organise a five-day course on “Security and Justice Governance and Reform”, in County Kildare, Ireland, from March 23-27, 2020. The course will be carried out in partnership with DCAF/ISSAT.

The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and practical tools on security governance and reform (SSG/R) and justice. It touches upon the holistic nature of SSG/R and covers dimensions related to human security, access to justice and good governance with a focus on both people-centered and state-centered security and justice in fragile/post-conflict contexts.

In addition, participants will engage in a series of exercises aimed at increasing their individual awareness in order to contribute to changes in their attitudes and practices in line with the principles of good governance – most notably the distinction between supporting and engendering a locally owned process in contrast to promoting a practitioner identified solution and trying to obtain local buy-in.

In order to focus on engagement and practical application rather than information/theory transfer, the course will include exercises and introduce tools related to the program cycle that build DCAF-ISSAT’s experience in SSG/R and justice. Indeed, special attention will be paid to the introduction of practical examples through case studies. Interactive co-learning methodologies and simulation exercises that encourage participants to share their own experiences will be used throughout the course.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

  • A course description,
  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • Handouts,
  • Co-facilitator notes,
  • Additional resources for the participants,
  • Training sessions,
  • Pre and post-course evaluation questionnaires,
  • Pre and post-course coordination meetings,
  • Mission report.

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

The course will target practitioners and professionals – including civilian, military and police personnel, as well as civil society representatives and professionals from the private sector – who are working on the provision, management and oversight of security and justice governance in the area of policy or practice. This includes state and non-state actors with knowledge of security and justice development who are in a position to influence policy and/or practice in this area. The course also targets those involved in programme design, management and implementation, mission planning and delivery and/or in political/policy dialogues.


DCAF-ISSAT is committed to selecting diverse participants in terms of professional and organisational background, age and nationality, as well as gender balance.


At the end of the course, through hands-on experiential learning, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Use theory and knowledge to advance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, in the context of SSG/R and justice;
  • Demonstrate enhanced self-awareness and improved understanding in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of SSG/R;
  • Articulate various components of SSG/R including the state and non-state security sectors as well as the interlinkages between them,
  • Articulate a confidence-building, gender and human rights-based approach to SSG/R processes,
  • Foster the application of practical tools and methodologies based on the project management cycle to effectively support SSG/R programmes,
  • Identify key lessons and latest trends from practical SSG/R experiences,
  • Engage in dialogue and experience sharing with fellow participants, facilitators and external experts

In the long term, improve professional practices and increase the positive impacts of SSG/R processes.

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Specific Lessons Identified