Overview of the Selection, Preparation and Deployment of EUMS' Civilian Experts to CSDP Missions

28/08/2018 - 26/10/2018

Target Country / Organisation


The objective of this mandate was to deliver an overview of European Member States approaches to identify, prepare and second civilian experts in the framework of the current exercise involving EUMS and EU institutions on strengthening civilian CSDP.

Mandate outputs / products


Report giving an overview of EUMS selection, training and deployment of civilians to CSDP missions. The report provided to Ireland contained the findings of the desk research and consultations, as well as recommendations for Ireland on professional development and preparation of Irish secondees into Civilian CSDP Missions. The relevant contents of the report could be presented to other EUMS during a workshop chaired by Ireland on strengthening CSDP through secondments.


Contribute to enabling the ISP to better anticipate, plan and execute its contribution to civilian CSDP missions in the civilian.

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

Based on consultations with EUMS’ seconding agencies and line ministries, ISSAT captured best practices and identified generic approaches linked to Member-States capacity and priorities in the way they contribute to CSDP through secondments.


The activities (phases) completed during this project were as follows:

  1. Introductory/protocol meetings, which would be led by ISP, coordinated by ISSAT.
  2. Desk review of open-sources documents related to EUMS national practices related to secondments, civilian CSDP new priorities, EU field missions’ needs and constraints.
  3. Consultation with CPCC and CMPD on the needs and availability of key capabilities by CSDP missions.
  4. Development of an interview questionnaire in collaboration with ISP.
  5. Semi-structured interviews with key EUMS and CSDP mission stakeholders, using the pre-designed questionnaire.
  6. Draft report and debrief workshop with IPS on initial findings and recommendations.

Consolidation and submission of final report.

Start date


End date



Specific Lessons Identified