Workshop on SSR in Post-Conflict Contexts

05/05/2015 - 05/05/2015

Target country


This seminar will bring together experience and lessons from international support to security and justice reform including from sub-Saharan Africa, South Eastern Europe. It will include examples from UN, EU, as well as bilateral development assistance programmes.

 The audience for this seminar would be staff from across government engaged in providing assistance to UN and EU field missions, working on countries affected by conflict and insecurity, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Defence, the Irish Military College and An Garda Síochana (Ireland's National Police Service).  

Mandate outputs / products

Short workshop note.

Outcome objectives of mandate

ISSAT has been requested by Ireland to support a workshop on SSR in post conflict contexts, which aims to draw out lessons and challenge the contemporary approach being taken to supporting sustainable and transformative reforms in the security and justice sector. An additional objective is to start to look at where Ireland’s contribution and added-value in this sector lies.

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Specific Lessons Identified