Evaluation of Swedish Police Programme in Liberia

01/09/2018 - 01/12/2018

Target Country / Organisation


The Swedish National Police (SNP)  has requested ISSAT support to conduct a mid-term evaluation for its Police Cooperation project in Liberia. The project has been implemented by the SNP since 2016 and is expected to end in 2019. Previously the Swedish National Police supported the LNP in the area of crime scene investigations through a bilateral program 2009-2015. The project purpose is to achieve improved quality of crime investigations including Sexual Gender Basedc Violence  (SGBV), basic crime investigation, basic crime scene investigation and cooperation between the LNP  and the Prosecution Service in three police station areas.  The project components focus on addressing important challenges and needs as formulated by the Liberian police and prosecutors who attended the workshop:

  • Training in basic crime investigations, basic crime scene investigations and investigations of SGBV crimes.
  • Guidelines to optimize the quality control of any crime investigation case forwarded to the Prosecution Service.
  • Basic forensic equipment.
  • Improved premises and facilities for one stop centres and  comfort rooms for SGBV victims .  
  • Improved cooperation between police and prosecutors.
  • Public awareness raising.

Mandating organisation / agency / department / ministry

Mandate outputs / products

Key Outputs:

  • The evaluation team will produce a clear methodology that will detail the guiding key questions and sub-questions. The evaluation methodology will be shared with the SNP in an inception report prior to deployment to Liberia. 
  • The evaluation team will produce a final evaluation report that will detail all the findings, conclusions and recommendations. The final report will be no more than 30 pages.

Intended immediate outcomes of mandate

Key Objective:

The evaluation should provide clear and constructive recommendations to the SNP for the remaining period of the project implementation. The findings of the evaluation should also serve to inform how SNP manages or designs projects in the field. Findings of the evaluation can serve to also inform future Swedish SSR related programming in Liberia.

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Specific Lessons Identified