The Lowy Institute Pacific Aid Map

The Pacific Aid Map, developed by Australia's leading international affairs think tank the Lowy Institute, traces foreign assistance flows from all donors, new and old, to the Pacific Islands region.

The Pacific Aid Map was launched in Samoa in August alongside the Samoan Prime Minister and Australia’s Foreign Minister. The Pacific Aid Map has collected data on almost 13,000 projects in 14 countries, from 62 donors from 2011 onwards. This raw data has been made freely available on an interactive multifaceted platform, allowing users to examine and manipulate the information in a variety of ways. The interactive is a world first in terms of comprehensively drawing in data from all donors in a particular region. The dataset, made up of over 150,000 individual transactions, has also been made freely available for download to enable greater academic research on aid in the Pacific.  

The major goal of this analytical tool is to enhance aid effectiveness in the Pacific by improving coordination, alignment and accountability of foreign aid. It aims also to deepen the debate on foreign and development policy in the region.

You can view the Pacific Aid Map here.



Reforming Justice - A Journey to Fairness

'Reforming Justice' calls for justice to be repositioned more centrally in evolving notions of equitable development. Justice is fundamental to human well being and essential to development. Over the past fifty years, however, overseas development assistance - foreign aid - has grappled with the challenge of improving 'the rule of law' with underwhelming and often dismal results around the world. Development agencies have supported legal and judicial reforms in order to improve economic growth and good governance, but are yet to address mounting concerns about equity and distribution. Building on new evidence from Asia, Livingston Armytage argues that it is now time to realign the approach to promote justice as fairness and equity.


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Security Sector Development in the "Rising Asia-Pacific"

This powerpoint presentation was delivered at a meeting to DCAF by Dr Rouben Azizian of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies. It represents his views and insights into rise of the Asia-Pacific, and how development (rather than reform) of the security sector fits in.

This views and insights contained in this presentation are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the APCSS.

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