SAINT | Security Sector Development

Based in Europe, SAINT | Security Sector Development is a specialist Technical Assistance Consultancy engaged in:

  1. Developing and delivering technical assistance and capacity training;
  2. Field-based facilitation and monitoring;
  3. Research and Evaluation: producing capacity-enabling and fact-finding reports, research, white papers, policy and guidelines.

Within the realm of International Peace, Justice and Security, SAINT | SSD focuses on the interrelated fields of:

  • Rule of Law-based Security Sector Reform and Governance (SSR/SSG) Capacity Development
  • Law Enforcement
    • International Police Cooperation and Peace Support Missions
    • Policing Models: Community-Orientated and Intelligence-led
    • Integrity, Ethics, Standards and Code of Conduct
    • Security Sector Oversight, Transparency, and Accountability
  • Access to Justice and Complaints Mechanisms (incl. informal and customary solutions)
  • Human Rights, Human Security and Protection Economic, Social and Cultural
    • Hate and Discrimination
    • Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV)
    • Human Trafficking
    • Domestic Violence
    • Child Protection
  • Communication, Cross-Cultural Competence and the Human Terrain System
  • International Relations and Intervention
  • Interrelationship Analysis: situation, strategic, geo-political, socio-cultural, causality and consequence

Objective: In the context of local need, aspiration and benefit, to assist with self-sustainable participation, ownership and determination.