SSR Academic Seminar at Exercise Common Effort

Wednesday 20 May 2015 Session

20 May - 20 May 2015 · Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 41, 13405 Berlin, Germany

A morning seminar (0830-1130) providing top level principles and frameworks for security and justice sector reform programming. It will focus specifically on defence reform, defence institution capacity building and the military contribution to security and justice sector reform.

Target group: Colonels and above at 1 German-Netherlands Corps (1GNC), as well as civil servant equivalents, and staff of NGOs and civil-society organisations.

The seminar aims to:

  • Provide an awareness of the concept of SSR,
  • Provide an overview of the policy frameworks of various international organisations
  • Show linkages with peace enforcement, peace-support operations, peace-keeping operations and stabilisation operations.
  • Discuss roles of the military within the concept ofSSR concept, including at the planning process, and in train and equip endeavours or security force assistance (SFA)

Participants will benefit considerably if they can browse the Introduction to SSR e-learning course prior to attending the seminar. The training manual for the e-learning, entitled SSR in a Nutshell, will be available in hard copy at the seminar. Additional pre-course reading is available to download in the Documents tab (login required after assignment to the seminar, including the latest study drafts of NATO UNCLASSIFIED doctrines on 'Security Force Assistance' and 'Military Support to Stabilization and Reconstruction').

Further information of interest:

20 May - 20 May 2015 (1 days)
Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 41, 13405 Berlin, Germany (52.55993, 13.324699)