Inaugural edition of Stability: International Journal of Security and Development

by Alexander Burian · November 9th, 2012.

This week Stability: International Journal of Security and Development was officially launched with its inaugural edition. This online publication is an academic journal specifically tailored to the needs of the practitioner and policy making communities. It also aims to gather ‘applied’ lessons and informed analysis relevant to:

  • interventions aimed at ending conflict,
  • preventing conflict recurrence,
  • mitigating other forms of violence, including organized and urban criminality,
  • and fostering peace

Stability has several innovative features that will separate it from most other journals but also ensure that the journal provides a unique added value to the practitioner community. In this respect, one of the key objectives of the journal is to specifically focus on gathering and sharing ‘applied’ contributions from experienced practitioners and policymakers rooted in their field based findings and observations. The high quality and relevance of such articles, practice notes and commentaries is ensured by a rigorous system of peer-review. 

Stability has committed itself to having a balanced diversity of articles and perspectives by especially encouraging contributions from those that have extensive experience or are currently working in developing and violence-affected countries. Stability also hopes to allow practitioners and policymakers to more easily share their important contributions and experiences without the common informal and formal barriers that are oftentimes associated with fully credentialed academic journals such as this.        

Stability adheres to open-access publishing principles, which means that its articles will remain easily accessible online free of charge. Stability is already able to reach a wide range of policymakers and practitioners through an active and flexible dissemination system that will include information sharing not only through its website ( but also through email, social media and practitioner community forums such as the DCAF’s ISSAT SSR Community of Practice.

The first issue of Stability includes a wide range of articles, practice notes, commentaries and book reviews from some of the leading practitioners from the field. The articles also cover a diverse range of experiences and innovative approaches from countries such as Afghanistan, Liberia and Colombia.

I encourage you to have a look and to also consider submitting your own articles after reviewing the journal’s Call for Papers. You can view the first issues of Stability at or via the ISSAT SSR Community of Practice.     


Alexander Burian
18 Jun 2013, 11:48:19


A special collection 'Region in Crisis: Stabilizing Mali and the Sahel' has just been released by Stability. In this latest collection there are several interesting articles that cover a wide range of disciplines, including articles that provide attention grabbing analysis of the the security, political and socio-economic situation in Mali. I encourage you to have a look online:

Also, you can have a look at other articles, practice notes and commentaries that have been published since the inaugural issue was published last year. In particular, I think some of the articles and practice notes analyzing the security and governance situation in Afghanistan may be of particular interest to you. In this regard, the journal adds articles as they become ready for publication and you can see that every few weeks new articles articles are added. 

I would also like to encourage everyone to have a look at the latest call for papers - - if you would like to publish an article, practice note or commentary yourself. You can also visit the website and register so you can be added to the Stability mailing list and receive notification when new articles are published. If you are interested, by registering you can also become a part of the peer review process for one of the upcoming prospective articles of Stability


Thammy Evans
14 Jun 2013, 15:22:23

Thanks Alex - this is indeed a great way to get some vigorous research to practitioners in a timely manner. I particularly like some of the practice notes, which are much more than an opinion piece, even if it is from an emminent scholar or practitioner, but also short and practical. I was particularly interested in the Hove, Ngwerume, Muchemwa article on the effects of radical urbanisation on peace and conflict

When's the next edition of the Journal out?