2019 Stockholm Security Conference

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On 3 October 2019, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) will host the fourth Stockholm Security Conference, this year under the theme ‘Conflict and technology: now and in the future’.

Through plenary and breakout sessions, the conference will look at how the nature of conflict is changing today and how technology impacts conflict. The conference will consider the trends and investigate to what extent rapid technological developments are shaping conflict and what this means for dealing with conflicts today and in the future. Locating where changes are currently taking place and who is impacted by technology in conflict will also be evaluated.  

Stockholm Security Conferance 2019 will provide an informal setting for discussion between leading experts and representatives from the political, military, academic, and business communities, as well as civil society. Gathering these different communities at the same conference to jointly examine conflict through the lens of technology will bring the conversation closer to identifying all facets of the problem and thereby develop better solutions.

For details of the event, 2019 Stockholm Security Conference, kindly follow the link.