Covid-19 Webinar Series: Global Crisis, Global Risk and Global Consequences

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Since its emergence a few weeks ago, Covid-19 has already fundamentally changed the fabric of our society and impacted the global geopolitical landscape, but in what ways?

Covid-19 Crisis: Global Crisis, Global Risk and Global Consequences is a new webinar series that examines various possible and visible consequences of the current crisis including its strategic and economic implications, impact on global governance, on gender or the role of technology.

The last decade, the Middle East was marked by the consequences of the uprisings of the so-called Arab Spring. Many governments were weakened, some were replaced and conflicts erupted in Syria or in Yemen. This webinar episode will deal with the potential impact the current coronavirus crisis might have on the Middle East in this new decade and especially on US-Iran relations, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries-Iran relations, the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, the domestic stability of Arab countries, the future of oil, or the empowerment or weakening of non-state actors and terrorist organizations.

To access the webinar on The impact of the coronavirus crisis on the Middle East, kindly follow the link.