Re-building Security Relations Post-Brexit

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Three years after the Brexit vote, Britain continues to wrestle with the challenges of leaving the EU. Despite the uncertain future of the UK-EU withdrawal agreement, it is now crucial to consider the future long-term security relationship between the two sides. What kind of security treaty might the UK and the EU be able to sign? What are the possible legal and political formats for the new relationship? What would be the timescale to implement new arrangements and what potential roadblocks might arise?

There are a number of elements that are likely to shape the future EU-UK security relationship. In particular, what conception of European security could be developed beyond EU instruments and policies? Has the Brexit process eroded mutual trust and, if so, how will it affect the normalization of security relations? And what will be the UK’s position within this new relationship?

Over the course of two sessions, the speakers will consider the implications of Brexit for Europe’s internal and external security. 

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