Examples of civil society engagement in truth commissions or initial oversight of security sector

06/08/2014 @ 20:03
by James Cohen


I'm writing a report on corruption and security sector reform in transitional justice. One point of my paper is discussing the involvement of civil society in truth commissions to attest to security sector human rights violations and corruption. Would anyone have examples of where this has happened, or where civil society has explicitly not wanted to get involved? If you know of examples which have not been documented, I'm happy to have an e-mail exchange or Skype call.

Additionally, any reference on the attitudes of civil society towards the security sector in immediate post-conflict or post-transition periods would be helpful.

Thank you for any and all suggestions.



19/08/2014 @ 18:22
by Thammy Evans

Hi James,

You probably already know the work done between the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy and Egyptian civil society on this topic, and I would further point you towards other recent Forum questions on civil society and peacebuilding in Northern Uganda.

You might also want to follow the various security sector observatories set up with DCAF:

Hope that helps. I'll keep adding, if I find more stuff.

21/08/2014 @ 15:35
by Janine Rauch

Hi James you have probably already looked at SA T&RC stuff and the amazing work that was done by victim groups, experts and advocacy groups (among other types of NGOs - the media also played a huge role) but here are some good papers and if you like I can put you in touch with people who worked on civil society stuff around SA TRC

You will also find some stuff on police-community relations post-apartheid on the CSR website and there is an Africa-wide site http://www.apcof.org/country-data-links/  which has articles, for example, on post-conflict policing challenges in Sierra Leone

I also wrote something (unpublished) once on TRC's and SSR/police reforms, could try and dig it out for you if you like; but AM-R's recent piece probably covers all bases



05/09/2014 @ 04:16
by James Cohen

Thank you Janine and Thammy. Sorry for the delayed reply, I'm just getting back to working on edits now and going through your recommendation. Greatly appreciated! I'll see if I need more information after incorporating these suggestions.