Foreign Aid and SSR in Libya

06/10/2014 @ 12:49
by Azra Avdagic


I am currently undertaking research on foreign aid and SSR in Libya. The aim of the research is to produce a concise report mapping SSR initiatives in Libya; the main foreign aid actors/institutions who provided support to Libyan stakeholders, and any foreign efforts which may have reached beyond military aid and aimed at linking development efforts with promoting community safety.

If there are any sources or advice that you can give, I would gladly welcome them! There are very few published documents, therefore I am also relying on key informant interviews with experts, practitioners, activists and Libyan officials. Would appreciate any contacts as well or members of the Community of Practice with experience in this field willing to do a brief phone or Skype interview.

Thank you!

Azra Avdagic

27/10/2014 @ 15:44
by Thammy Evans

Dear Azra,

As you are well aware, Libya is a sensitive area right now, and foreign aid spending is cautious because of the need for conflict sensitivity and the lack of certainty regarding the sustainability of results.

It would help if you could highlight whom you are writing the report for and for what purpose. People might then be more willing to come forward to assist you.

Best regards.

27/10/2014 @ 17:42
by Bashar Belgasim

Dear  Azra

My name is Bashar Eltalhi   I've been working for the UN mission support  in libya as assistant security sector reform officer  and now i'm the Country Manger of Peaceful change initiative  

if you need any help and support  your more than welcome  to contact me on my Skype   Bashar.eltalhi   

31/10/2014 @ 14:01
by Azra Avdagic

Dear Thammy,

Thank you for the useful suggestion! The research is being conducted in partnership with the Graduate Institute Geneva as well as Dr. Moncef Kartas of the Small Arms Survey. 

Being sensitive to the political situation and the continuous changes in Libya we are currently concerned with mapping past initiatives and understanding where the mission focused on SSR would go on from here.

Dear Bashar,

Thank you very much for your kind reply and for willing to help, I will contact you shortly!