Military Sociology and Gender

14/01/2015 @ 12:50
by Leonoor Cornelissen

Hi all,
My name is Leonoor Cornelissen and I am a Master Student at the Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID), in the field of sociology of development. I am currently preparing my thesis research related to military sociology. My research is particularly focused on the gender mainstreaming of military forces, analyzing how soldiers internalize formal orders regarding gender-based violence, to further understand how manuals and pre-deployment training influence the behavior and decision-making of forces on the ground on a daily basis. I intend to conduct a paired comparison study between soldiers in a national army (Kenya Defense Forces) and peacekeepers in a multinational force (AMISOM). I will be leaving for Nairobi in a few weeks time and will be there for a few months to conduct interviews.

I am writing on the forum to see if there are any experts in this particular area around and if they would be willing to have a chat with me. Also, any other tips to documents or points of contact (particularly in the East African region) would be wonderful. I look forward to hearing from you!

03/02/2015 @ 10:38
by Dorgham Abusalim

Thank you for your post and participation in the ISSAT forum. 

Here's a link to a wide variety of documents available on DCAF's site. Specifically, the Gender Toolkit might prove useful for the purposes of your research.

In the meantime, I will bring your post to the attention of my colleagues here at ISSAT for further details that are more specific to Kenya and AMISOM.