Peshmerga Reform

11/03/2019 @ 21:02
by William Davies

I attach some thoughts on the Peshmerga reform programme in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  I am six months into a 12 month posting as a defence adviser to the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs.  I value ISSAT's material and I draw on it regularly, and this post aims to contribute to ISSAT's bank of material.  Any views or questions will be gratefully received.

Peshmerga Reform Overview (ISSAT).pdf (1 MB)
14/03/2019 @ 09:43
by Eren Özalay-Sanli

Dear William, 

Thank you for your post and we are happy to hear that you benefit from ISSAT material in your advisory capacity. We will get back to you in the next days if there are comments and views from the community on the topic.