Police Anti-Corruption Reforms

13/03/2012 @ 12:29
by James Cohen

Hello all,

I'm conducting a quick stock taking of police reform programmes around the world which address anti-corruption and oversight. Of particular interest are programmes which involve civil society inputs and engagement, any project will be of interest.

If people are involved with such a project or know of such projects I'd be happy to know even the bullet points of 'where' and 'who' at the moment. If you are able to provide more commentary on how it was done and was it successful, that would be great too!

Many thanks for any feedback,


15/03/2012 @ 12:59
by Victoria Walker

Hi James, 

Check out the UK DFID Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform (SSAPR) programme in DRC and the work that PAMECA was doing in Albania on anti-corruption in the State Police.

There is a really interesting anti-corruption programme that EUPOL COPPS and UNDP are jointly working on in Palestine - the first element of this is a workshop looking at different models and case studies next week. 

Finally, you should check out the DCAF Police Integrity Toolkit - the launch is imminent and it has been translated already into a number of Balkan languages, which is great. 

I'll email you directly with contact details for the above so you can follow up for more information. 

15/03/2012 @ 14:13
by Elsa Dazin

Hi James,

You might already be aware of this publication, but Renaud Galand suggested you have a look at UNODC e-book on police accountability, oversight and integrity. I have attached it for your attention, to this message.

Good luck with your your search!

Best, Elsa.

PoliceAccountability_Oversight_and_Integrity_10-57991_Ebook.pdf (2 MB)
20/03/2012 @ 17:18
by Thammy Evans

Hi James

Police reform has been a big issue in the Balkans, and is still largely in the domain of international organisations like the OSCE, as CSO input remains weak. A DCAF paper on police reform in Macedonia is now quite old, but more importantly the new Head of Police, Operations, at DCAF, Mr Paolo Costa has just come over as the former Head of the Police Development Department in the OSCE Spillover Mission to Skopje, so he might have more insight. DCAF also runs a project on Serbia: Fostering Civil Society Involvement in the Police Reform Process . In Macedonia, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia (www.atamacedonia.org ) has been active in pushing police reform as part of the NATO accession process, and you can try getting in touch with the president Lazar Elenovski (former Minister of Defence) for more.

Good luck!

08/04/2012 @ 14:46
by Mark Bradley

Hi I was working on the PAMECA mission in Albania for two and a half years as the long term resident anti corruption / professional standards adviser. I left last year.

ICITAP are still covering some issues with the Internal Control Service and the state police

I have recently been engaged in anti corruption work in Kosovo ( anti corruption training and integrity testing training) with the anti corruption task force, state police customs and prosecutors but it appears to be ad hoc at the moment