Propose concrete improvements

29/06/2015 @ 15:28
by Sami Faltas

An EU official suggested an SSR programme to high Lebanese officials, but they were not interested. "Thanks, we're fine on that count. What we really need is a forensic lab. Can you help us with that?" The man from the EU said he would pass on that request. But he added: "A lab is useless if the evidence it gets has been contaminated. Maybe your police first need to learn how to manage crime scenes." The Lebanese agreed. This led to an entry point for SSR.

The lesson as I see it is that it pays to emphasise concrete improvements in the delivery of security and justice services, rather than structural reforms.

15/07/2015 @ 16:28
by Thammy Evans

Hi Sami,

I like your concise example here of turning a capbabilty-focussed request into an opportunity to improve service, processes and resilience. Sadly, there are far too many interventions in the name of SSR which are initiated because of a donor-capability (eg providing forensic labs, tanks or attack helicopters) instead of looking at the need (reducing crime and impunity, providing better evidence in court; deterring trafficking, improving border controls), and then deciding how best to sustainably provide that.

I would like to catalogue more examples of converting capability-led offers into opportunities to improve service delivery. Anybody got anymore...