Publication of DCAF’s “Training Manual on Police Integrity”

18/04/2016 @ 13:45
by Richard Steyne

The “Training Manual on Police Integrity” aims to assist ministries of interior, police services and training institutions in developing their capacities to deliver integrity training to their staff. It also provides guidance on how to build and sustain organizational integrity through effective planning and management of human resources and reform processes. It forms part of DCAFs Police Integrity Building Programme (PIBP), which since 2012 has been assisting requesting countries in the development, implementation and evaluation of projects undertaken to establish and maintain police services that function with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Comprising of two main strands – raising awareness and capacity building – PIBP has previously published the “Police Integrity Toolkit”, and also offers e-learning courses on police integrity for different types of audiences, including an introductory course for a generic audience. E-learning courses targeting police officers and managers are available for integration on national platforms for e-learning in countries where PIBP is implemented.  

22/04/2016 @ 15:26
by Iman Simon

Thank you Richard for highlighting such a relevant resource. Great to see it comes in several languages and I will be looking out for the French version!