Revised capacity building

12/11/2013 @ 10:33
by Pierre Mosk

Who can help me out on this. I have been asked to write a policy paper on 'revised capacity building' in a peace-keeping mission environment. I am looking for examples, theory, papers on this subject.

Thanks in advance,



21/11/2013 @ 16:26
by Thammy Evans

Hi Pierre,

Revised capacity building in a peace-keeping mission is a large area. Can you define it a little further? Are you trying to enhance local capacity or mission capacity; across every area of the mission, or in a particular area such as police, or governance, or rule-of-law?

The UN's Guidance Note for Effective Use and Development of National Capacity in Post-Conflict Contexts which came out earlier this year might be a good starting point, but you might also be looking for something more concrete.


04/12/2013 @ 17:40
by Mark Reber

Hello Pierre,

Please forgive the delay in responding. Not sure how many replies you might have received at this point but if you're still looking for some material, I might have a few documents that could be of interest. If this is useful at this stage please also feel free to contact me directly at (which might be more convenient).