SSR and Statebuilding

02/01/2014 @ 11:47
by Ishaq Ibrahim

Any material that relates SSR with Statebuilding? On what do the two differ, or get into each other. Do the principles of SSR, in its original OECD DAC form, conflict with some tenets of Statebuilding?

13/04/2014 @ 17:30
by Sarah Harris


You may find this paper useful: 'SSR and post-conflict Reconstruction: armed wing of state-building?' on Sierra Leone by Paul Jackson.

It argues and I quote: "that SSR in Sierra Leone was never a developed strategy but came to represent a series of policies that evolved on the ground largely as the result of the interaction of individuals and groups engaged in those early decisions, sometimes against the wishes of Whitehall, but always sharing a “direction of travel.” This is an important point in terms of how SSR policy was actually developed and also how approaches come to be seen as being far smoother and well planned with hindsight, but also in terms of how policy-makers and academics can learn about social, governance and security processes."