SSR and development: link to the post-2015 agenda and SDGs

03/09/2015 @ 18:30
by Petra van

At the moment there are various discussions taking place regarding the link between SSR and development - in particular in the context of the SDGs. Also in the Netherlands this is an important topic. Does anyone know of recent documents that discuss some of the issues mentioned below?

  • link security & development
  • SSR & post-2015 agenda
  • SSR & SDGs (in particular SDG 16)

Thank you!

18/09/2015 @ 10:12
by Kai Schaefer

Hi Petra,

In the run-up to the upcoming UN meetings, Saferworld recently published a briefing on the subject: which you might find informative, besides other documents you might have come across.

Here is also a comment on the subject by  Seth Kaplan from Johns Hopkins, taking Guatemala as an example: