27/03/2018 @ 15:31
by Ronnie Bradford

Your recent digest focusing on Somalia was a disappointment, to say the least, to someone who has spent much of the last few years working in Somaliland, which comprises roughly one-third of the territory and people of the internationally recognised state of Somalia. It is extraordinary how so much attention is focused on the very real difficulties and disasters of South-Central Somalia, without any acknowledgement of the equally real achievements of Somaliland from a similar start point. In no particular order, it has established a largely inclusive hybrid model of government, established peace across most of the country and held several genuine elections (the most recent including the use of iris scanning and the first televised debated between Presidential candidates in Africa). With respect to SSR, former militias have been combined into one Army which is under civil control (despite an ineffective MOD), well respected and does not commit abuses. Despite massive problems, including poverty, development, drought, education and employment, these and other achievements have brought Somaliland far closer to what the International Community might desire for South-Central, despite it having had far less support. This ought to be acknowledged more widely - even if it prompts the question as to whether the lack of external support has contributed to Somaliland's progress. 

05/04/2018 @ 13:46
by Elsa Dazin

Dear Ronnie, thank you for your feedback on our Digest. You have taken the time to read our Digest and share with us your views. We are very much encouraged by your comments, which we consider to be extremely relevant, and want to make sure those are fed into our country-related information. Indeed the SSR process in Somaliland would benefit from a nuanced analysis which should inform our Somalia note. We will contact you to get your views more in detail and see how we can improve our country background information.

05/05/2018 @ 08:28
by Ronnie Bradford

Dear Elsa,

Thank you for your kind words. I would be delighted to contribute to any future work on Somaliland, where I continue to work with the Ministry of Defence on a reform programme supported by UK.  

best wishes 


09/05/2018 @ 11:46
by Elsa Dazin

Dear Ronnie, 

Contributions by the SSR community is very valued by our team and we are currently reviewing all of our Country Background Notes so I will get in touch very soon regarding the Somalia note and see how we can collaborate.

Many thanks again for reaching out to us.

Kind regards, Elsa

26/07/2018 @ 17:56
by Abdikarim Hersi

Hi Elza,

Thank you so much Ronnie for your fair opinion on Somalia digest. 

As outlined by Ronnie the digest is unfair and ignored what Somaliland achieved in the governance sector.This shows your team in Somalia are not fair enough. this digest will create negative impact for your reputation as an organisation. I read all documents even the cited publications. 

In addition, the team prepared this document did not only ignored  the development Somaliland in SSR but the also  the efforts and  support of international community for last three decades. 

I personally recommend to produce digest on Somaliland.