The ISPS-Code and Maritime Terrorism

16/09/2014 @ 13:17
by Lars Bergqvist

As a response to the 9/11 attacks, the International Ship and Port Security code (ISPS) came in to force 1st July 2004. Thus, 10 years have passed, since merchant ships in international trade and the ports they are calling, were required to be certified to a certain security standard.

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19/09/2014 @ 13:13
by Azra Avdagic

Dear Lars,

Thank you for this submission to the Forum, it is a great article on a pertinent issue which almost seems to be forgotten when discussing security. Inspired by your post, I did a search on the internet and found that Nigeria has successfully implemented the ISPS code (see here). Such advances toward safer ports in the country will no doubt be beneficial to ships involved in international trade, interesting to see how port security will continue to be increased.