Transitional security providers

04/02/2019 @ 17:21
by Oanh-Mai Chung

Hi, I am working on a piece of research, and looking for lessons learned and best practices related to security providers during the period moving from transition to stabilization. Most notably, does anyone have an useful resources/cases the creation and/or integration of mixed brigades during a transitional phase of conflict?

08/02/2019 @ 14:17
by Mirko Daniel Fernandez

Dear Mrs. Chung,

In Colombia during 2012 I observed as an OHCHR consultant that the military and police (judicial police CTI,SIJIN/DIJIN) were supporting operations as a joint task force. The incorporation of CTI, SIJIN or DIJIN judicial police agents was also a strategy to prevent the arbitrary killing of civilians to present them as FARC or ELN casualties. This gruesome practice became know as the "falsos positivos". See 15 measures for implementation of the MoD human rights and IHL policy/. See Medida 14 

As OHCHR, we observed joint training between military and judicial police, including in the processing of detainees and gathering of criminal evidence as part of the implementation of M14. 

However, the Military was not happy with the lack of legal guarantees and successfully lobbied for a change in the "fuero militar" which changed the arrangement with judicial police. 

Currently, the Colombian MoD has in place a special unit COTEF to advise on the transformation or modernisation of the military. One of the interesting topics being discussed regarding combined forces and transition is the applicability of the Damascus Doctrine. Although it is not MoD doctrine, the Damascus Doctrine provides some interesting recommendations relevant for your questions. See

Best of luck,