Digital Security Consultant

Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project

The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) is seeking a Digital Security Consultant to support in the assessment of existing organizational security and provision of a strategy and implementation plan to ensure ACLED is adhering to the highest standards.

The project

ACLED is a research project which records, publishes and analyzes disaggregated data on violent political conflict. These data are publicly available, along with analysis and information about the project, at These data are used for a range of purposes, from academic research on dynamics of conflict to informing diplomatic policy, and humanitarian and development work in conflict-affected contexts.


ACLED is seeking a Digital Security Consultant to complete the following deliverables:

Assessment and Strategy

  1. Produce an assessment of the organization’s perceived risk based on information gathered during interviews and review of processes, tools, and policies;
  2. Produce a tailored organizational security strategy based on the assessment;
  3. Produce an implementation plan based on the organizational security strategy. This will include recommendations for the types of policies, processes, and resources to develop in order to achieve the goals of the strategy;
  4. Provide initial support to ACLED in executing the implementation plan including providing advice, ideas, tool support, and creating resources (guides, webinars, etc);

Ongoing Support

  1. Conduct monthly reviews of existing tools, processes, etc. and suggest revisions to ensure all are up to date and implemented properly;
  2. Propose new solutions when appropriate/relevant;
  3. Update training materials to reflect new tools/processes and assist ACLED in rolling them out;
  4. Address threats/questions which are raised and support ACLED staff to determine policies for new emerging threats and issues.

Essential Qualifications

  1. Fluency in English;
  2. Ability to work remotely with limited supervision;
  3. Considerable experience in assessing and ensuring digital security and the technologies associated (7+ years);
  4. Experience conducting security assessments and developing security strategies;
  5. Deep understanding of conflict and security work especially as it pertains to the physical and security risks associated (having worked or consulted for local human rights organizations, civil society organizations, journalists etc.);
  6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  7. Experience training those without fluency in relevant digital security terms, tools and processes.

For more information about the position, Digital Security Consultant, please follow the link provided.