Interim Team Leader


DCAF is launching the implementation phase of its “Capability, Accountability, Sustainability and Inclusivity Programme (CASIP)” of support to the Palestinian Security Sector, funded by the UK. CASIP will deliver improved financial and human resources management, policy-making capability, a more effective security sector complaints handling system, and increased internal accountability of Palestinian Authority Security Forces (PASF). The Outcome of this project is: “A more capable, accountable, sustainable and inclusive PA security sector; and improved, more inclusive PA legitimacy and ability to govern.”  Under the outcome, the programme will support interventions in four identified thematic areas: strategic planning and research, public financial management, complaints and human resources.  Each contributes to the wider Administration Programme (AP) coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior on behalf of the Palestinian Security Forces.

Subject to final approval of the CASIP programme implementation phase by the donor, DCAF is willing to engage the services of an expert consultant to serve as Interim Team Leader for the CASIP programme, for a three-month period. Interested expired are called to express their interest. 

For full access to the vacancy, Interim Team Leader, kindly follow the link

Location: Ramallah, Palestinian Territories
Period: July 22, 2019 to indefinite
Application Deadline: July 16, 2019 23:00