DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

For our DCAF Brussels office, we are looking for an experienced and committed individual to be our next Project Officer. 

You will support the implementation of an EU-funded project called the EU SSG Facility, within a team of five people. You will be responsible for the administrative, logistical and financial support of this €4m project over the next three years. You will work under the supervision of the Team Leader and be accountable to the Head of the backstopping team for this project in Geneva. You will also have to collaborate very closely with the Resource Department team in Geneva. You will liaise with the EU FPI team as well as with the key and non-key experts deployed on missions for the EU SSG Facility.

In addition, you will support the growth of the DCAF Brussels Office by developing existing projects, liaising with Geneva-based colleagues on EU developments, and increasing DCAF’s visibility with EU and other Brussels-based partners.  Under the supervision of the SSR Adviser in Brussels, you will support DCAF to identify, structure and reply to EU tenders in the field of security, justice, defense and governance. You will liaise with other DCAF Field offices and advise on upcoming opportunities and new developments within the EU (mainly EEAS, FPI, INTPA and NEAR).

Specific tasks under the EU SSG Facility will include but are not limited to:
•    Liaise with the European Commission on assignments and financial reporting
•    Liaise with DCAF’s Geneva Office on staff and financial matters
•    Draft and format documents (expert contracts, reports, etc.)
•    Verify and validate all project expenditure in line with DCAF’s accounting rules
•    Manage EU invoicing
•    Prepare internal and external financial reports in line with DCAF and EU procedures
•    Plan missions and deployments and book all local and international travel arrangements for the project team members, including flights, accommodation, ground transportation and security arrangements

Other key areas of operation:
•    Monitor closely EU developments and identify criticalities and opportunities for DCAF. 
•    Monitor EU calls for proposals, promptly informing the relevant DCAF Departments and Field offices.
•    Work with DCAF staff based in Geneva to advance DCAF’s priorities in terms of policies and projects, by providing briefs, explanations and flagging relevant opportunities.
•    Assist in maintaining a regular engagement with the EU institutions, EU Member States and CSOs, development agencies and International Organisations based in Brussels. 
•    Assist in the organization of high-level events in Brussels and undertake administrative tasks as appropriate. 

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Location: Brussels, Belgium
Application Deadline: April 16, 2021 12:00