Call for Tender - Thematic Evaluation on External Oversight of the Security Sector

DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

This thematic evaluation on external oversight of the Security Sector is part of a wider lesson learning process that focuses on DCAF-wide efforts to implement key aspects of its mandate. 

DCAF is a knowledge organization, not only learning from its operational experience, but also applying its broad thematic knowledge to the operational challenges it faces. The purpose of the thematic evaluation is to support corporate learning and, at the same time, to strengthen DCAF’s accountability to partners and donors, including its Foundation Council. 

By carrying out this evaluation, DCAF provides timely knowledge and lessons from experience that can feed into programming at all levels. By sharing findings and recommendations the evaluation report also presents a general learning output for the wider SSG/R community.

For more information and to proceed with your application, kindly follow this link.

Application Deadline: August 20, 2021 23:59