Mission de l’Union africaine pour le Mali et le Sahel (MISAHEL)

The MISAHEL mandate has three main pillars :

- The political section aims to accompany the strenghtening of the benefits of peace and security; to promote the rule of Law and to contribute to the reinforcement of the democratic institutions in the Sahelian region, including the protection of Human Rights, capacity building for the national Human Rights institutions, the judicial sector and the organisations from the civil society. Through this project, the MISAHEL also works on humanitarian issues, especially in the Northern Region.

- The second section is dedicated to the security in the Sahelian Region. Its main objective is to oversee the efforts of the AU as regards the security challenges, and in particular conflicts, terrorism, and various organized crime networks.

- The last section focuses on development and environmental issues in the region, such as the deterioration of the environment, and the consequences of underdevelopment. 

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