Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (Knowledge Platform)

The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It convenes an international network of the most qualified practitioners, policy-makers, academics and business representatives, and is run jointly by The Hague Institute for Global Justice and The Clingendael Conflict Research Unit, also located in The Hague. It aims to promote knowledge exchange and to identify, refine and answer pressing research questions underpinning Dutch development policy in fragile and conflict affected settings. In so doing, the Knowledge Platform seeks to enhance the effectiveness of the policy’s implementation. The keywords of this endeavor are demand-driven, problem-oriented, multidisciplinary and high-quality content, grounded in practice and designed for impact.

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The Netherlands
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Policy and Research Papers

Exploring the Links Between Experiences of Injustice and Violent Conflict

Experiences of injustice increase the risk of driving violent behaviours. Therefore focussing on understanding and addressing people’s experiences of injustice, as opposed to merely its dispensation, could have a significant bearing on peace and conflict. Furthermore, thinking of injustice as a multi-stakeholder problem to be solved opens up a vast array of policy and programming options to tailor work on peace and justice issues to each context. 

For full access to the policy brief, Exploring the Links Between Experiences of Injustice and Violent Conflict, please follow the link.