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Assistance to Public Expenditure Review of the Security Sector in Guinea-Bissau

World Bank mandate in Guinea Bissau 04/06/2018 - 30/06/2018

The purpose of the mandate is to assist the World Bank team in finalizing a public expenditure review (PER) of security and justice institutions in Guinea-Bissau. The PER will provide a rapid assessment of the fiscal affordability of the security sector (military and internal security). To this end, it will (i) outline the main historical and sectoral challenges pertaining to security and justice institutions in Guinea-Bissau, including various phases of its security sector reform efforts; (ii) present an overview of security and justice institutions, with an emphasis on the composition of security spending by economic and functional classification; (iii) examine the affordability of security spending against revenue and growth projections as well as benchmark trends in security expenditures against other fragile and neighbouring countries; and (iv) discuss options for policy reform.     

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