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Africa is an Island: Maritime Safety & Security in Africa - Assis Malaquias

Dr. Assis Malaquias discusses maritime safety and security, piracy, illegal fishing, and more, before an interagency audience at a workshop on Africa's Contemporary Security Challenges hosted by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies in December 2015.

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Why Have a National Security Strategy?

In January 2017 the Africa Center for Strategic Studies held a week-long workshop on National Security Strategy Development for senior-level security professionals from across Africa. Assis Malaquias, Professor and academic chair of Defense, Economics and Resource Management at the ACSS explains the various rationales of having an NSS, the most important one being the will to break with the past resulting because of a change in the security environment of a country which in turn prompts the country to re-assess its multi-dimensional security threats.   

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ACSS's expert Assis Malaquias on Maritime Security in Africa

The U.S. Department of State has honored the Africa Center’s Dr. Assis Malaquias with an award recognising his unique contributions in advancing maritime security efforts in Africa. Dr. Malaquias has been leading the Africa Center’s maritime security portfolio since 2009. In this capacity he has facilitated numerous discussions with African governments and Regional Economic Communities on strengthening Africa’s collective maritime security architecture. These efforts have contributed to the Yaoundé Declaration of June 2013 and the “Code of Conduct Concerning the Repression of Piracy, Armed Robbery against Ships, and Illicit Maritime Activity in West and Central Africa” in which 26 heads of government from West and Central African states agreed to formalize their cooperation on maritime security issues.

To mark the occasion, Dr. Malaquias reflects on the current state of maritime security efforts on the continent, addressing its importance for Africa's economic development and security and potential strategies and best practices that can encourage regional coordination in the field.

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