Mpako Foaleng

Mpako is an SSR Advisor with International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT) at the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). Her current responsibilities include the development of an ISSAT approach to assessments, developing specific tools and methodologies for monitoring and evaluation of SSR activities.

Prior to joining ISSAT, Mpako has worked with Refugees International as an Advocate conducting assessment missions in Africa on the protection of civilians affected by armed conflict and developed policy recommendations for humanitarian and political actors.

At the Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre of the Norwegian Refugee Council, she worked for five years as a country analyst. She monitored and researched conflict-induced displacement crises in many African countries and led missions to assess response to humanitarian and protection needs.

She has also published on private security companies and mercenaries in Africa.

She has a Masters and a PhD in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies of Geneva, and a Laurea in Political Science from the University of Perugia in Italy. Mpako also studied at the University of Yaoundé II. She is a citizen of Cameroon and is fluent in English, French, and Italian, with a basic knowledge of Spanish.


Ferramenta 2 : Programação da Reforma do Sector de Segurança

federata 2

Esta publicação faz parte da Caixa de Ferramentas para a Reforma e Governação do Sector de Segurança na África Ocidental. Visa apoiar a implementação do quadro de políticas para a reforma e governação do sector de segurança da Comunidade Económica dos Estados da África Ocidental (CEDEAO). Através de orientações e conselhos práticos, adaptados ao contexto da África Ocidental e baseados em experiências regionais, a Caixa de Ferramentas visa facilitar a elaboração de políticas, bem como a implementação e gestão de processos de reforma do sector de segurança (RSS) a nível nacional.

Para maiores informações sobre a Ferramenta 2 : Programação da Reforma do Sector de Segurança, siga o link para o website do DCAF.

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Ferramenta 6 : Envolvimento da Sociedade Civil na Governação e Reforma do Sector de Segurança

Esta é a versão em Português da publicação. It is also available in English et disponible en français.


Tool 2 : Security Sector Reform Programming


The conduct of an SSR process requires translating a political, national vision of security into an operational programme and defining the different concrete actions needed to generate the desired societal change and improve security for all. SSR programming provides tools both to determine the nature of the change sought in the functioning of the security sector and to plan implementation in a structured manner that is measurable over time.

Tool 2 of the Toolkit for Security Sector Reform and Governance in West Africa addresses the successive programming steps that enable the development and rolling out of a context-relevant SSR programme. These steps range from an initial needs assessment to the setting up of coordination mechanisms aimed at ensuring overall coherence of national SSR efforts. The Tool offers practical advice for prioritising and sequencing reform actions, budgeting the programme and mobilising the resources necessary for its implementation, establishing viable and efficient management mechanisms, coordinating national and international actors involved in the implementation of the programme and developing a communication strategy to support transparency and sustain national ownership.

For more information on Tool 2 : Security Sector Reform Programming, kindly follow the link to the DCAF website.

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Tool 6: Civil Society Involvement in Security Sector Reform and Governance

This publication is also available in français and português.


Policy and Research Papers

Reforming the AU requires stronger ties with civil society

This article argues that to ensure sustainability in peace and security measures, the AU must have a complete change in the manner in which civil society is engaged, involved and considered. It argues that current security threats - for example terrorism, violent extremism and conflict - cannot be effectively addressed in the absence of a climate of trust between citizens and state authorities, including security forces and law enforcement.

For full access to, Reforming the AU requires stronger ties with civil society, please follow the link.