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Police Performance Management: Practical Guidance for Police Authorities

Following performance management principles allows police authorities and forces to continuously improve the service that is provided to local people. This guidance (and its shorter companion reference guide) has been produced to assist police authorities to understand and develop their role – which is complementary to that of the force – in ensuring an effective police performance management regime.

The guide is structured around ten hallmarks of effective performance management developed from research that involved all police authorities. The guide includes case studies and examples provided by police authorities to illustrate the hallmarks in good practice. Commitment to achieving the standards conveyed in the hallmarks will make a significant contribution to the effectiveness of police authorities in fulfilling their important role in police performance management. The guide is intended to form a comprehensive repository of good practice. 


Public Finance Management in Development Co-operation – A Handbook for Sida Staff

This handbook is a result of the special initiative on Public Finance Management launched by the Director General in 2004. It underlines the importance of PFM for poverty reduction and gives concrete advise on how PFM issues can be handled in the development cooperation.


Slovakia and Serbia: Experiences from Transatlantic Integration and Security Sector Reform

 An examination of the development of defence and security policies in Slovakia and Serbia


U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy

This edition of the U. S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy reflects to some extent recent changes in the structure of the core curriculum at the War College. The college broke its traditional core course, “War, National Policy and Strategy,” into two courses: “Theory of War and Strategy” and “National Security Policy and Strategy.” The result for this book is the expansion of the block on strategic theory and the introduction of a block on specific strategic issues. Because little time has past since the publication of the most recent version of this book, this edition is largely an expansion of its predecessor rather than a major rewriting. Several chapters are new and others have undergone significant rewrites or updates, but about two-thirds of the book remains unchanged. Although this is not primarily a textbook, it does reflect both the method and manner we use to teach strategy formulation to America’s future senior leaders. The book is also not a comprehensive or exhaustive treatment of either strategy or the policymaking process. The Guide is organized in broad groups of chapters addressing general subject areas. We begin with a look at some specific issues about the general security environment—largely international. The section on strategic thought and formulation includes chapters on broad issues of strategy formulation as well as some basic strategic theory. The third section is about the elements of national power. A section on the national security policymaking process in the United States precedes the final section that deals with selected strategic issues.


Handbook for Military Support to Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform

This handbook, published by the United States Joint Force Command, defines the “Rule of Law;” explains the interrelationship between rule of law, governance, and security; and provides a template to analyze the rule of law foundation essential to successful stability operations.