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Anticipating the International Security Implications of COVID-19 - GCSP

The COVID-19 pandemic spreading around the world in the first months of 2020 not only affects personal security, but also has potential international security implications. The situation is changing rapidly, and while some issues are clearly apparent, we must anticipate others. This article by Ms Emily Munro, Deputy Head, Emerging Security Challenges, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, discusses five possible international security implications that can be identified at this stage: https://www.gcsp.ch/global-insight/anticipating-international-security-implications-covid-19

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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Deadly Conflict

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents a potentially era-defining challenge to public health and the global economy, its long- and short-term consequences for deadly conflict are less well understood. Much remains uncertain, but it is already clear that the pandemic could cause enormous damage in fragile states, trigger unrest and undermine international crisis management systems. The disease is already disrupting humanitarian aid flows, peace operations and crisis diplomacy, and it could be catastrophic for civilians caught in the midst of conflict, particularly refugees and displaced people.

Crisis Group offers special publications on the coronavirus and its effects on the conflict landscape: https://www.crisisgroup.org/pandemics_public_health_deadly_conflict

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COVID-19 Disorder Tracker

ACLED's COVID-19 Disorder Tracker (CDT) provides special coverage of the pandemic’s impact on political violence and protest around the world. It monitors changes in demonstration activity; state repression; targeted mob violence; impacts on government forces and non-state actors; and overall rates of armed conflict.

The CDT will be updated weekly along with ACLED’s real-time disorder data. CDT Forecasts, Bulletins, and Spotlight reports can be following this link: https://acleddata.com/analysis/covid-19-disorder-tracker/

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COVID-19 - Government Measures Dataset

The #COVID19 Government Measures Dataset puts together all the measures implemented by governments worldwide in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Data collection includes secondary data review. The researched information available falls into five categories:

  • Social distancing
  • Movement restrictions
  • Public health measures
  • Social and economic measures
  • Lockdowns

Each category is broken down into several types of measures.

ACAPS consulted government, media, United Nations, and other organisations sources to develop this dataset.

To access the dataset, follow this link: https://www.acaps.org/projects/covid19/data 

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Baseline Study of the State of Play of SSG-R and the inclusion of CSOs in SSR processes Nigeria, Mali, Cameroon and Wider ECOWAS-ECCAS Region

This baseline study was conducted by the African Security Sector Network (ASSN) team for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Peace and Security Competence Centre (FES PSCC) as part of the project "Security for All", which is co-financed by the European Union. 

This study intends to be a gap analysis audit and an overview on SSG/R processes in targeted countries (Nigeria, Mali and Cameroun) and the wider ECOWAS region.

The aim of the study is to identify gaps and the causes of the weak involvement of civil society in the public oversight of the security sector so that project activities in all work packages can be specifically tailored and targeted to encourage greater participation of civil society organisations in these reform processes in West and Central Africa.

To access the Baseline Study of the State of Play of SSG-R and the inclusion of CSOs in SSR processes Nigeria, Mali, Cameroon and Wider ECOWAS-ECCAS Region, kindly follow the link. 

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