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Improving SSR missions

This presentation by Dr Damien Helly was delivered at the European Security and Defence College basic course on SSR on 3 April 2012. It highlights 11 areas where SSR missions can benefit from improvement.

The course was hosted by the National Defense Institute of Portugal, and the Higher Institute for National Defence Studies of France.

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Security Sector Development in the "Rising Asia-Pacific"

This powerpoint presentation was delivered at a meeting to DCAF by Dr Rouben Azizian of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies. It represents his views and insights into rise of the Asia-Pacific, and how development (rather than reform) of the security sector fits in.

This views and insights contained in this presentation are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the APCSS.

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Turning Social Innovation into a Tool for Risk Management & Value Creation

This presentation, by social innovation entrepreneur Christelle van Ham, outlines how entrepreneurs, both in business and in social innovation, see risks as opportunities for value creation. There are lessons here for how collaboration with local businesses, not-for-profits, and other community and civil society organisations can help to manage risk and strengthen feedback loops. Whilst this presentation gives examples from more developed systems, they could and should perhaps be harnessed for risk management and change enablement in reform processes.

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Les Nouvelles du GRIP 1-2012

GRIP's Newsletter.

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