Linking PFM/HRM for Sustainable Security Sector Reform

This report summarizes some of the key findings and discussion points raised during an expert exchange organized by DCAF-ISSAT in November 20201. The exchange focused on the linkages between public financial management (PFM) and human resources management (HRM) to identify opportunities for strategic reforms tied to technical projects on salary payments of security sector personnel, focusing on emerging good practices, lessons learned and risk factors with regards to the management of human resources in the security sector. Particular attention was paid to the budget process, the management of personnel expenditure and payroll management, as well as the linkages between PFM and wider human resources management as an entry point for increasing transparency and effectiveness.

This event was delivered as a response to a request to the DCAF-ISSAT helpdesk. The helpdesk provides a facility for DCAF-ISSAT’s Governing Board Members to access DCAF-ISSAT expertise to backstop and reinforce their regular work, as well as exploit DCAF-ISSAT’s convening role bringing together members of the international community from Governing Board Members and partner institutions to discuss specific topics on a needs-based and ad-hoc basis.


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