Linking SSR and Public Finance Management in Post-Conflict Settings

Public finance management (PFM) has been continuously recognised in policies and guidance notes as an important element of sustainable and effective security sector reform (SSR), nonetheless PFM has been inconsistently integrated into SSR processes nor been a deliberate aim of SSR programming. In practice PFM and SSR specific programmes have commonly remained complementary yet distinctly separate. Discussions on finance related issues are often simplified to discussions about the total resource allocation, without exploring the more nuanced questions about how expenditure translates to improved performance and effectiveness of institutions, affordability but also oversight of expenditure.

In October 2017 DCAF-ISSAT organised a panel bringing together both leading advisors on SSR and on security expenditure issues. The panellists explored potential entry points for strengthening the linkages and collaboration between the two communities as a means to ensure PFM is more consistently an integral element of broader SSR processes.



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