Sources of information on needs and actors in the criminal-justice chain

The following are possible sources of information on the criminal justice needs of communities and on the criminal justice actors:

Sources for criminal justice needs

  • Reports of national and international human rights organisations
  • Reports of independent national bodies such as a human rights commission, an anti-corruption body, or an audit office
  • Medical sources such as hospital records, experiences of medical staff, and medical insurers if these exist for information about injury and hence about possible victims
  • Reports by national and international think tanks and academic institutions
  • Reports of women’s organisations and other relevant non-governmental organisations
  • Media reports
  • Statistics and databases of criminal justice institutions
  • United Nations reports:
    • Reports of the United Nations Secretary-General and United Nations Security Council resolutions (Security Council on-line)
    • Consolidated Appeals Processes (CAP) (OCHA on-line)
    • Reports and strategic frameworks of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission (PBC on-line)
    • Reports of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, reports by special mechanisms of the Human Rights Council, and concluding observations of human rights treaty bodies (OHCHR on-line)
    • United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAF), Common Country Assessments (CCA) and Post-Conflict Needs Assessments (PCNA) (UNDG on-line)
  • Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) (World Bank on-line and IMF on-line)

Additional sources for criminal justice actors

In addition to the above sources, the following sources may provide useful information on criminal justice actors:

  • Ceasefire and peace agreements
  • National constitution and relevant domestic laws and statutes
  • Personnel files and registries of criminal justice institutions
  • Relevant government policies and strategies


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