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Women’s Participation In Peace Processes In Mali

The podcast presents findings from a study about the participation of women in peace and reconciliation processes currently underway in Mali. The findings are based primarily on focus group discussions with men and women carried out in Segou and Mopti in central Mali, and Tombouctou in northern Mali, in December 2018.

The objective of these discussions was to identify concrete factors that contribute to and/or hamper the possibilities for women's meaningful participation in peace and reconciliation processes in Mali. The findings highlight the need to consider both the specifics of the peace and reconciliation processes taking place in Mali and the more fundamental conditions related to gender inequality in the country. 

An important finding is that women play crucial roles in local conflict resolution and management, but they are almost absent in the mechanisms for the implementation of the peace agreement. It is therefore crucial that structures are established to make sure that the concerns and expertise of women at the local level is represented and informs discussions at the national level.

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Ni la Colombie ni le Venezuela n'ont intérêt à se faire la guerre

Le président vénézuelien a mené cette nuit des manœuvres militaires à la frontière avec la Colombie. Les deux pays se toisent depuis que d'anciens FARC ont annoncé reprendre les armes... La Colombie accusant le Venezuela de les soutenir. Entretien avec la chercheuse Mathilde Allain.

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Le drone Reaper: une révolution dans le renseignement aérien tricolore

La montée en puissance de l'escadron de drones 1/33 Belfort et de son appareil le Reaper a justifié la récente création d'une escadre dite de surveillance, de reconnaissance et d'attaque, sur la base aérienne de Cognac dans le sud-ouest de la France.

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Bougainville veterans need more help to re-engage

Conciliation Resource's Papua New Guinea Projects Manager, Amie Kirkham, spoke to Radio New Zealand about the findings of the new report on Bougainville's unheard veterans.

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South African Lessons for City Activism

Cities are often described as sites of democracy at its deepest level – places where state actors are closest to citizens and their needs and the opportunities to plan and implement policies together are the greatest. Protest and frustration are also frequently the most intense when local governments are the target: Civil society advocacy groups and activist movements often assume that government will respond in a particular way, believing that if they clearly articulate a need, the authorities will deliver what they are asking. They are more often than not disappointed. But those citizens who are better equipped with an understanding of the "logics" of government are better able to use the levers available to them in their democracy to influence it. 

In this episode, Joel Sandhu from the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) discusses citizen-led change at the city level with Jodi Allemeier, a Global Governance Futures 2030 Fellow, talk about the tactics of activists in Cape Town.

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