Podcasts, as a widely accessible communication channel, helps us share our information and knowledge with other people, working on SSR, establishing an active network for meaningful collaboration.

Richard Monk, Part 5: Challenges to UN policing


Smart Policing in Brazil

Vishva Samani reports on how smart policing in Brazil keeps a check on the police in a BBC World Service Episode.

To listen to the episode, click here.


ONUCI Entretien avec Dr. Mpako Foaleng

Pendant cet entretien avec l'ONUCI, Dr. Mpako Foaleng parle au sujet des défis auxquels le parlement ivorien est confronté et le délai requis afin de surmonter ces obstacles. 


National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation in South Sudan

Ferdinand von Habsburg-Lothringen, Advisor at the Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation in South Sudan, discusses with ISSAT's Teohna Williams progress to date and the challenges of working with a traumatised post-conflict population.


Lessons from Iraq: Building an Inclusive Armed Forces

Interview with Walter Slocombe, Senior Advisor for Security and Defence to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad (2003). Mr Slocombe is also a former US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.