Podcasts, as a widely accessible communication channel, helps us share our information and knowledge with other people, working on SSR, establishing an active network for meaningful collaboration.

High level Panel Interview on SSR (East Africa): Charles Ndayziga

Centre d'alerte et de Prévention des conflicts (CEDAP)


Lessons from Iraq: Building an Inclusive Armed Forces and Engaging Informal Actors

Interview with Walter Slocombe, Senior Advisor for Security and Defence to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad (2003).


The United Nations' Civilian Capacities Initiative

Renata Dwan, Senior Project Officer Civilian Capacities at the United Nation's headquarters in New York, explains this initiative, why it was set up and what it seeks to achieve.


Regulating the Private Security Industry - From Design to Implementation

In this audio presentation from the 2013 International Security Forum, four experts discuss the ongoing attempts to impose a workable regulatory framework onto the private security industry, to include an international code of conduct with actual teeth in it. As part of their analysis, the speakers specifically consider what has been accomplished to date in this process and what remains to be done. (Note: The speakers include Claude Wild from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs; Meg Roggensack from Human Rights First; Andrew Nicholson from Drum Cussac Ltd, and Anne-Marie Buzatu from the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces.)


Bringing Women into the Security Sector Reform Process in Somalia

Considering the role of women in SSR in post-conflict Somalia: An interview with Hanan Ibrahim, CSO Representative for the African Initiative for Women. The questions asked during the interview can be found below. 

1. What is the importance of gender in SSR?

2. Are Somali women becoming more involved in SSR decision making ?

3. Why do Somali women need to strengthen their position in the SSR process ?

4. What would you like to see in the future in Somalia?