SSR Glossary

Civic Empowerment

The process of helping citizens to acquire the confidence, skills and power to enable them to shape and influence the political, social, and economic life at the local and national level.

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Change Management

A structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organisations from a current state to a desired future state as a result of internally determined or externally imposed strategic factors.

In short, it is a process undertaken by the organisation, following strategic assessment and planning, to bring about the changes identified as necessary in the assessment and planning stages

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Capacity Gap

A lack/ absence of capacity that prevents an individual / organisation from functioning productively.

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Programmes and processes that empower and enable the recipients’ independent development. Capacity- building can apply to both individuals and institutions.

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Capacity and Integrity Framework (CIF)

A key assessment tool, the CIF enables practitioners to assess institutional reform needs in post-conflict contexts and to develop realistic programmes. The CIF identifies three fundamental dimensions of public institutions: the individual and the organisational and the external. In parallel, it focuses on two central reform areas of public institutions: capacity and integrity, and helps determine how they impact on the institution’s ability to execute its mandate.

For further information see this blog by Alexander Mayer-Reickh 

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